The Return of the Cholla!

The last day called for a last long bike ride down a black diamond dirt bike path under power lines...

still in the 'gated community' of where my great uncle's condo is, here is a sample of what desert landscaping can include:

wild flowers not usually found in landscaping

we descend down the dirt biker path...

under the powerlines, that did electricute us actually

the name of David's enemy, the prickly cactus that digs its spikes in, that work like arrows (so pulling them out is really hard), is a cholla, and I brushed one up against my ankle!

"David! I can't pull them out!"

David begins the surgery with the sticks...he pulls very quickly and the cholla flies out...I feel no pain, until...

"Oh no!"
let me tell you, that those are not simple pickers. they are arrows that are embedded in your skin. when they are pulled at, they pull your skin with them before you rip them out.

the pain makes me sing some soul.

"This is worse than ANY wax I've ever had!!!"

"I would be a terrible Scientologist in labor."

cholla all gone.

brief pause for scenic beauty

how not to hug a cholla bush

see the little rock under the big boulder
"David! Leave the boulder alone."

david after a day in cholla surgery

we'll be back soon!