David in Arizona

Well folks, I'm moving to Arizona! Forget Manhattan! Forget Chicago! Let Jen and Vince live in the wind and cold and snow. I'm moving to AZ where there is only hot sun, no humidity, very little bugs, and quite a few quail.

So far, highlights have included jogging into the desert with no civilization except for some big wires running through the middle of it, and David's encounters with the local cactus. Yes, 'encounters,' as in plural.

the jogging path

i'm in love with god.

god stuck himself to a cactus

more proof of how embedded the cactus gets.
we had to remove it with two sticks.

Day 2
my stupid sunburn.
i didn't even apply lotion, but my lotiony hands must have touched them for such an uneven burn.
not sure if you can see the lines.

we are very risky joggers/cowboysandgirls

david stuck himself to a cactus again.
he lept around the cactus bush, which proved painful.

it's not coming out.
i used to sticks to pull it out, but the cactus would not budge.
in fact, it seemed to embed itself more,

finally, a cowboy/golfer rode up on a mountain bike and expertly got two bigger sticks and after three attempts, pulled the cactus out.

david in recovery

my new office.
a foreign hyacinth in the middle of the table sweetens the air.
just need to sell a few more chow chows to get a place of my own.