SeekIndie Online Treasure Hunt - Prizes!

The easter egg hunt may be over, but the online treasure hunt has just started! Actually, it started while I was out in the desert, but I couldn't get myself together to post this what with those cacti attacking us and all.

SeekIndie Contest

Over 60 indie designers have donated prizes to this event. The idea is, a white flower is hidden one click away from the home page of an indie designer website. The flower has a number in it, and once you find it, you record the number and the URL. You do this for at least 5 sites and submit as many as you've found to the SeekIndie team. You'll be entered into a drawing of all of these fabulous prizes. katie james has donated a moss jewelry pouch, and there are lots of other prizes. So, if you're killing time between projects at work, check out the rules and participating websites, enter the corresponding numbers that you've found via this page, over at SeekIndie and bounce around some really cute sites! Deadline is in May!