I Love Wheatgrass So Much, My Can Will Shit On Nothing Less

Ok, ok! I'm posting, but I'm warning, you, all creative brainpower is being sapped by how to organize a childbirth website, complete a list of like 400 things by Thursday, and combat a new addiction to caffeine from all those lattes i've been drinking. No joke, when I'm not eating, sleeping, feeding Gerdy and Dinah, showering, walking Gerdy, I am coding. Coding! From 10am to midnight almost! The same site!

I'm so obsessed with wheatgrass, that I bought Merrick's new kitty litter made of wheatgrass. It's coated in some clay to absorb the smell. Merrick kitty litter. Buy it online at their store or your local pet shop. As for food, Gerdy has actually lost weight since eating it. Not wheatgrass food, but Merrick's regular food - wet and dry. She's eating actual food that is freeze-dried. So, Gerdy gets peas and carrots. Her favorite flavor is Smothered Comfort, where there is an actual bone that I have to strip the meat off of.

But enough about me. I'm too engrossed in One Tree Hill and to see how Brooke does with Clothes Over Bros at the Rogue Vogue. Then I really am going to get the Friends with Benefits cd.

Oh, and I want these Clothes Over Bros sweat pants: