Checking In

Hi Guys.
Just sending you and update here from the depths of my website creation. I've spent the weekend devoted to katie james. Yesterday, David and I spent the drizzly day on the roof taking pictures of me in all of the clothes I've designed for katie james. We got tired (and I got annoying), so we took some inside, which just weren't as good (I kept pulling David from the couch to take 'just one more! these other ones suck!!').

Yesterday, while talking to my web developer, I accidentally made the new site live (woops) by plugging all the right things a little too early. It all made me scramble today to just finish things up to unveil it by my deadline of February 14th. Good luck to myself.

Meanwhile, I've skipped out on the super bowel, and was not David's date to a super bowel party. I should not even be writing this now, as I should be creating copy, but I wanted to drop in quickly and give you a little taste of the new site. Keep in mind, might not be working all the way since earlier’s misfire. hehe.