Valentine's Vacation

I work in a zone. It's the only way I can multi-task well, especially while doing website work. If I'm not in the zone, I forget things, and that leads to errors. Trouble is, the zone to get up the redesigned, reorganized website for my day job has sucked me in for days. I'm living in the zone, even at home. I'm addicted to the computer, and addicted to being online. I'm online, but I'm not surfing on fun, cute sites. I'm working in a content manager, writing filler copy, tweaking tables, italicizing journal titles I've never heard of, laying out page designs, watching for consistency between page titles, h1s, button copy, etc. etc. I did not get a pedicure like I needed, declined an invitation to Fort Lauderdale, skipped out on a super bowel party, snapped at David when he got on our portable phone which cuts me off from my crack - I mean being hooked up online.

I need a vacation. I cut out a picture of Denise Richards walking on a beach in a short little white skirt and bikini top with her iPod, and put it on the fridge. But if I can't be Denise Richards on the beach, I might be able to be a FashionMista at Serendipity Chic in Saratoga Springs, New York, where they have sea salt and lavender scrubs, massages, prenatal massages, a cute boutique, and just plain everything a girl needs. Yes, I think I need to go to the mountains and get my chi back.

After my sea salt and lavender scrub, I will shop. I will shop in Serendipity's scented environment, and I will see these things:

I will go across the street from Serendipity and visit a knitting store, where I will touch luxurious wools, cottons and cashmeres, and maybe pick some up for my knitting friends.

Just looking at this stuff is rejuvenating me! I can smell the lavender from here!! Also keeping me busy and unsocial is the new website, which is coming along just swimmingly, and looking great! My web developer guy is doing such a nice job, hooking me up to the USPS and UPS shipping charges, so that all shipping can be accurate. I'll have gift certificates, product update requests, a newsletter, and more that I'm not even thinking of! February 14th is the launch date I gave to it. February 17th is the launch date for my day job website. So watch out, Mr. Third Week In February. Things are launching, and I'm going on vacation!

PS: David: I want a lavendar sea salt scrub more than dinner reservations...or we can eat dinner there!

PPS: This is a great idea/location for a knitting retreat! I would totally come and bring my book while you guys knit...laptops must stay at home...