Friends with Benefit

I love the songs on One Tree Hill, and I'm going to get the friends with benefit album. The one song at the end of the episode where Payton's mother dies was just so sad. On a lighter note, I loved Tyler Hilton's (aka Chris Keller) remake of "Missing You," because in that remake, the lovers actually get back together, where as in the original video from the 80s, they never do, and are separated by the music, doors, life. And how appropriate that he would sing it during the reuniting scene between Nathan and Haley.

There is no breast cancer in my family, thank goodness right now, but we do have Alzheimer’s, which is eating my grandmother's brain. Hopefully I'll create a product one day for katie james that will benefit finding a cure for that disease. In the meantime, if I can help another cause in a similar way, I will. Get the friends with benefit cd now.