Resolutions and Goals


  • take a vacation for real
  • buy new piece of clothing once a month
  • make dinner at home 3 times a week
  • buy lunch material and bring it to work
  • order Fresh Direct!
  • be less late to work
  • eat breakfast at home
  • not be a workaholic and work in planned spurts in order to spend more time with friends
  • sketch more

Goals for Katie James:

  • launch the website
  • join Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) for free legal advice ($200)
  • establish LLC ($120)
  • fix trademark application for Katie James with help from VLA (possible $375 more)
  • establish work relationship with a seamstress to get new products out

    • develop one new product every two months

  • get Kelly W to be my business manager
  • develop marketing plan
  • establish sales goals for website sales
  • make production schedule to account for website sales and boutique orders
  • make link campaign
  • design contest for free katie james stuff (an others?)
  • get onto five online boutiques
  • make an official budget for all of this stuff