Victoria's Semi Annual

Did everyone go to the Victoria Secret Semi Annual sale? I totally went in the rain in my heels and big sleeping bag coat, so you know I came out of there with nothing but a PINK sweat shirt, sweat pants (DON'T get them...they are so soft, but fit so badly), a "Goodnight Gorgeous" red and silver long sleeve t-shirt, and these awesome little tank tops that are seem to be inspired by a french bikini top. Very cute, but I'm not leaving the house in them! At least not in winter.

I totally stacked up on a bunch of scents I did not need (7 items for $30) but the girl behind the counter made me feel like I needed them. It all started when she looked to see if I had a Victoria Secret card, and I did, which she so kindly reactivated. Drn. But now I get the packet of half off B.R.A.s (as my mom calls them) and stuff, so that's good. Love the Secret Crush and Pear one.

I'll show pics later, but I'm at work now and haven't really had down time to take the photos! David and I went out to get yummy Indian food after my splurge (which just kept on splurgin), so now I'm regulating myself to go straight home and invent some dinner from the cupboard. Although, I haven't ordered Fresh Direct yet, which is a resolution after all...

Ok, off to get delish food for cheap at Whole Foods!