What a Morning

This has been a great Saturday so far. I've started making the blanket, which is turning out to be SO cute (but I have to hand-stitch the borders because they are so thick). I'll show you a picture when it's done. I also just got an interview in from the creator of the Yasmena Bag, and it's SO great. Much to learn from. I should be posting that Sunday night. So stay tuned. I'll be carrying the blanket around hand-stitching it everywhere I go (except in the shower), including tonight's Trivial Pursuit party, which I'm dreading.

Meanwhile, I'm off to make chocolate chip pancakes and hopefully not conk out. David's out doing errands, one of which includes a secret, unplanned Christmas present! We'll see what that is Tuesday night. I wrapped his presents yesterday and included little hints in my To and From. One hint was "From: iLove You." Can you guess what it is?