Baby Letter Blankets - from Katie James

It's done! My stomach is in a knot from the pancakes, but the baby blanket is done. I like it. I think I could do it for other babies. The pink is a wool/cashmere blend, and the polka-dot is some kind of very soft wool. It looks like the wool version of the polka-dot used on the Katie James jewelry pouches, which means that it could be a Marc Jacobs. I saw another roll of it in the fabric store, so I may need to save my pennies and snag as many yards as I can before it's gone. If you can't tell, the initials are "cj." I'm not a big monogram person at all, so please don't get them for me for any occasion that might suggest monograms. But, I can deal with these hand-drawn initials b/c they are a little funkier than the norm. And what baby wouldn't want to lie on her own initials while watching whatever they watch? :)