Address Booking My Face Off

Talking to my mom on speaker because my Nokia earpiece crapped out when I brought home the new office cell phone, I'm finishing entering all of my Christmas List addresses into Gmail. Tomorrow I'll put them into Excel, unless Gmail magically exports them exactly the way I want them. The MTA (subway system) is maybe going to strike tomorrow, and there's an ice-storm brewing outside, so tomorrow should be interesting. I'll be working from home if there is a strike, since all of my work is online (dayjob=web manager).

In more exciting news, I have a new template for my online shopping cart! It's connected to Zen Cart, a whale of a shopping cart free software that will hopefully making buying katie james much easier. This weekend I'll be working on some new designs for it (hopefully, if I don't get too critical and reject everything!). Oh, and I got some delicious fabric (brown and pink polka dotted wool) and some cashmere/wool to make a blanket and a bunch of keychains for Christmas. So, hopefully this weekend will prove to be productive. Oh, and there might be a stop at the Darwin exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

Until then, stay warm!