Production - Movin' Out

As you know, my production guy has been ignoring all phone calls now that he's closed his workshop in the garment district and opened a seafood Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn (the business card of which is in Chinese). But I continue to stalk him, and the building he rented from, so much so that the Security Lady and the Super know of my intentions to get my fabric and hardware back.

Tonight I ran over to the building to catch the Super. Security Lady lit up when she saw me and said: "You looking for Richie, right? He's up there! Now!" Last week I dreamt of this moment - being let into the now shuttered workroom buried in fabric, unfinished garments, industrial sewing machines, irons and a loud ticket punch on the wall. In my dream, it was hard not taking rolls of other people's unclaimed embroidered fabric. I knew that they weren't as anal as me and wouldn't stalk him like I've been doing. Sure enough, I had to pass on gobs of fabric, collecting serious dust from lord knows what.

I'm getting closer to finding a new workshop, which is exciting. So, a big thanks to Richie who enabled me to take my first baby step into the world of "production." So, thanks, Richie, even though your real name is something like Jong Wong.

PS: lugging those bags and that roll of fabric around town and into the subways is not fun on a hazy New York evening.

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