July 4th - "We're Country!"

Once upon a time, the Sears Roebuck catalogue sold houses. Not Lincoln Log houses, but big, vacation houses. Lincoln Logs houses for adults. One such house got built by a family on a lake on the border of New York and Connecticut, and was dubbed "The Lake House." The family had three children, one of whom, a son, outgrew the house and was actually taller than the kitchen ceiling. Despite the size difference, this son loved coming up to The Lake House with his lovely girlfriend, where they could be den parents, fish, dig up septic tanks when the toilet backed up, and invite all of their New York City friends to bring fancy New York City foods and lounge all day in the middle of the lake on a raft drinking seltzer and reading Star, Life and Style, Vogue, and Vanity Fair, with a canoe as the main mode of transportation.

Unlike Brittney's version of "cou-ntry," this setting is "the country" civilized New Yorkers speak of when they leave the island of Manhattan or the burrows of Brooklyn and enter the rest of the world to experience how everyone else lives. When that happens, this is what they do:

they spend three days catching one fish...and then they throw it back...(that's the host on the right who may be a guest podcaster on FashionMista, and the devoted catcher of the fish on the left)

they let their dogs "off leash" and let them sleep on the porch (actually, this dog, Digger, is the king of The Lake House and nothing gets passed him...just ask many-a-dead-and-buried groundhog)

they make art...(note the many daddy long legs crawling among the leaves and timber that you cannot see in this picture...shudder...)

they let their dogs (Gerdy!) be "just one of the girls"...(and yes, that is a pregnant woman you see in the photo!)

...until they force her to be a big-girl-dog and go swimming!

...poor Gerdy...but she's a big girl now

they act like real men and float...only the smell of bacon can lure them back...

they watch sunsets while drinking Corona...

When it's all over, and the actual day of the 4th of July falls on a school night, they return to the City and settle for watching stray neighborhood fireworks from their living rooms.

Long live the country! And long live the baby that went into labor just a day after this trip!

Photos courtesy of a Lake House Guest, who may start a useful blog of her own involving letter writing...

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