War of My Legs :: Laser Hair Removal Part 1

I had it. The consultation for laser hair removal from a nice young woman in a new upper east side office of the American Laser Centers. Here's the dish:


You buy a package of 6 weeks of treatments - that's one treatment every 8-10 weeks. You come in, and they use a laser, which consists of light and heat, to 'destroy' the hair follicles. Destroy is the word of choice here used by the woman I spoke with. You let it grow as you would when preparing for the bikini. Over time, as more hair follicles are destroyed, the hair grows back thinner and thinner until it's gone. This office of the American Laser Centers offers 2 years of free lasering after the 6th session, because in theory, that should be all it takes.

The Pain

If you can handle a bikini wax, you can handle this, I'm told. She agreed with my waxer that it feels like little rubber bands hitting you. I requested a TV to watch for the hour the first session will take, and I just might get one! But is the pain worth the no-more-ingrowns? Yes. Ingrowns are a war unto themselves.

The Financing

This office is a new one, so the package offered was $1000/area. Normally a bikini is $1500, but I wanted bikini and upper thigh, so she's charging $2000 (yikes) and throwing in a little love trail treatment. And by 'upper thigh,' I'm getting the entire thigh to below the knee. But don't think I can dole out the cash. I checked with The Budget in my handy dandy excel spreadsheet that contains all of my bills, and I can absorb the monthly payment of $178 (that includes tax) for 12 months. I just can't maybe buy as many skirts from Urban Outfitters or something. They offer 0% interest on the first 12 months. Sounds reasonable, and if I make good with the payments, I'll be adding to my credit history, which is always nice.

Note from the future: It's been over a year, and I'm happy, but I missed 2 minimum payments. This qualifies me for paying the "deferred" interest payment. I also finally saw the note on the bill that tells me I have to pay in full before the year is out, or I will owe the deferred interest amount. Click here for more on the deferred payment.

Now What?

So I told the woman that I had a bikini appointment for today. She shook her head. Despair came over my face, as I'm going out of town this weekend to a lake which hopefully involves sun and bathing suits, and can't not have everything taken care of! She said I could make an appointment for tomorrow and be ready for the weekend. Fellow Weekenders, I can only hope this is true and that I don't have to hang out in a skirt! So this all means that...gulp...I'm taking the plunge! Let the battle begin between laser and follicle!

Fingers Crossed

Fingers crossed that this is a good experience and that I don't end up in the less than 1% group that gets burned and then sues somebody and is scarred for life. I've seen the smooth results on a fellow Mista, who is my laser inspiration, as we lay out together in Central Park, and she glows from ear to ear with her results that did take a year to acheive. My co-worker wants me to take pictures. Heck, bring in the web cam! My mom would flip out, so no web cam, but I'll consider a picture only if it helps all those silently suffering women out there who wear skirts when they're in bikinis, and capris when they should be wearing minis.

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