Tragedy in the Bikini Zone!

My most trusted bikini waxer is leaving the haven of my upper west side Scott J Salon location and going to the east side location! Will I ever catch the 86 crosstown bus to visit her?

This means one thing, ladies. Laser surgery. I have been thinking about this major next step in body hair therapy, and had unbeknown to my bikini waxer, signed up for a consultation with the American Laser Center. I 'won' $300 off a procedure just by entering their weird online contest, and now will meet with someone to discuss goals.

Ladies, I'm going to be your eyes and ears into laser surgery. We have one Mista who has done it, and is now addicted. Her pits were the latest to undergo the laser. My bikini waxer says it feels like lots of little rubber bands are being flicked on you. I just WISH they provided a TV with a bunch of sitcoms running as a distraction. I need to watch The Office, so they could put that on. Or I could somehow download something onto David's video iPod and plug in.

However, I can't not see my bikini waxer ever again. Once you find a waxer you trust, you form a bond (no pun intended). Therefore, I will of course take the 86 crosstown bus, and this time, it will be to visit her in the even more plush Scott J location for her wonderful facials. But until I actually start the laser, I'll still be waxing.

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