Lindsay Lohan Sighting

It was around 6:30pm on Tuesay and I was waiting to jwalk across the street outside of Whole Foods at Union Square when I heard music coming from a black SUV waiting at the light and a girl saying "...the window...," which was when I saw who I thought was Lindsay Lohan's profile and arm holding a cigarette behind long brown/red hair in the back left seat of a black-tinted-windowed-SUV. The back right window inched up but remained open. A huge, very fit black man dressed in a tight, crisp white button down and a khaki hat drove the vehicle, and young white man with brown hair wearing another summery/bowler type khaki hat sat in the front seat looking eagerly out of his open window, like a puppy dog might. Music came from the car, and by the time I walked around it, it started to go through the light, and the skinny arm from the back left seat flicked the cigarette out the half-rolled up window.

It seemed like a good car party on a warm summer night.

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