Fun with Puffy Paint

pebeo pearl touch paint

I went to Lee's Art Shop for some spray mount, and came out with $75 dollars with of white glitter, iridescent glitter, pink glitter, jewelry making tools in a variety pack in case I'm overcome with the desire to make jewelry NOW, and puffy paint in contemporary markers (verses the accordion puffy paint that came in primary colors)! I was out of control, thinking I had not a financial care in the world, and took everything to the counter and checked out (you could probably get this all for cheaper online, but I was inspired.). Pebeo pearl touch puffy paints can go on walls, fabrics, lamp shades, vases, you name it!

Summer is a time for projects. I usually paint a room or keep a garden, and this year will be no different (although I'm a little tired of painting rooms). So, the first project will be attacking everything with the Pabeo pearl touch paint. I got more than a few colors, including a dusty pink, mint, olive green, and parma (no idea what that means, but it's a dusty purple). I grabbed a clear glass vase from the thoughtful flower arrangements David sometimes sends (birthday, going out of town, didn't do the dishes, etc.) that are accumulating under the kitchen sink with nothing to do.

The vase made a great palette! Aside from a few puff kaputs and overzealous squeezing, the paint went on like a globbing dream. And it smells like the arts and crafts room at summer camp. Took me ten minutes and is a great way to unwind in a quiet place while boyfriends watch loud samurai movies. No cleanup required, unless you smear your fingers in your painting, like I did.

And now let's all look at Dinah, because we haven't seen her in a while...
dinah fashionmista

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