Afternoon at the Renegade Craft Fair

The hottest day in Brooklyn so far this year found David and me under hot sun at the Renegade Craft Fair in McCarren Park in Williamsburg. The heat totally wiped me out, and I was basically a melting craft shopper, wandering from booth to booth, noting all neat displays, but I did manage to remember to snap some pictures along the way!

The grand entrance. Just walking the few blocks from the L train to McCarren Park began my fixation on finding cookie dough Ben & Jerry’s from a deli.

Half-way around the park, we stopped at Traveling Rhinos for some tissue and goodies! They were under a pollen tree, so my sneezing started. They had gobs of hand-spun yarn, jewelry and buttons. I bought a little cream filled chocolate cupcake button (but without the cream or the chocolate) to pay homage to my sugar craving. Leaving their table was hard because I kept finding neat little things!

While there, David took a phone break to update his family on his...smashed car. :( Many frownie faces for him. He got 't-boned' while going through a light by some wedding photographers who were late to a wedding. He was fine, miraculously, and the Touareg absorbed the shock well. The driver side door is totaled, but can close and lock. The other car, a BMW, had to be towed away. Ha.

These girls of Shevon Gant Ceramics had to pack up early, but the glass blown beads they make caught my eye, being a lover of anything glass blown. I picked up a juicy looking strawberry with a green leafy top that deliciously resembles generous strokes of acrylic paint. It reminds me of my grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, so I bought it.

While no Ben & Jerry's could be found, we did take a break in Vera Cruz, a cute Mexican restaurant with a delightful back patio. After a strawberry daqeury, I started coming back from the heat shock.

My goodies!! Someone will be getting some unique hand-spun yarn from Miss Hawklet for their birthday. David's sister's little ones will be getting a Sheriff Peanut t-shirt and one-z. I got the strawberry on top of the yarn, the cupcake button, and collected cards from other designers of stuff I wanted to order online. Designers include saltlick for good colored t-shirts, bright lights little city for neat nightlights, and Steel Toe Studios for chunky belts.

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