Work Thoughts and Corporal Tunnel

Still here, building the new website, no, not for katie james, but for the childbirth website that is my day job. I'm at the office today (haven't been in about 2 weeks due to self-imposed hibernation) and am listening to "Estoy Como Nunca" on my iTunes. Lovely songs. Wish I could share them with you, but I might get brought down by the music police.

Here are some random, but important thoughts as I build about 20 tables on 6 pages while I drink my tall-half-caff-one-pump-vanilla-no-foam-latte:

  • Why ARE my spider looking veins slowly spreading on my thigh right avove the outside of my knee? I haven't been crossing my legs as much. I need a job where I don't sit down as much.
  • If I call my co-worker again to ask about the latest between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, I don't know what she will think.
  • These random thoughts remind me of when my roommate in college and I would lie in our dorm beds and ask each other and the dark: "Did you ever wonder why...(insert dreamy thought here)."
  • Is David drinking his Gatorade like I advised him to get rid of his headache?
  • Why can't I remember the last internal phone call I made to my co-worker just ten minutes ago, so that I could put it on the blog?
  • I really want to go salsa dancing, and will settle for shaking it in my office chair in the meantime.
  • Oh yeah, we talked about the best ways of using the mouse on a laptop, and how she one-hands it, and I use two hands (one on the touch pad and one on the clicker) and how her hand eventually forms into a claw.
  • I wish caffeine did not give me hot flashes and I could just drink it like a Normal Person.
  • I'm so glad someone in my building gave away this Estoy Nunca cd. I never would have thought to buy it.
  • Must get quarters at the bank for laundry. MUST!
  • Who knew caffeine was spelled with an 'e' in the middle, instead of just 'caffine'? Hm.

These are my thoughts for now. There may be more later. I have a few hours left of monotonous work...