Tradmark Issues

I applied for my trademark for katie james with the USPTO online about a year ago, and finally got an Office Action Reply about a month and a half ago. There were issues. There are two companies duking it out for "James," and they are applying for trademarks in a bunch of classes. Quick note: you don't just get a trademark in accessories, or clothing, or a general area. You register for a specific class, which could be checkbook covers or wallets/purses.

Because of the issues, I took a deep breath (several deep breaths) and called a law firm, Heraty Law, that was listed on the Gen Art website as a fashion resource. They're on the case now. We've decided to apply for a trademark in one class that could get katie james at least established within the trademark office, and buy some more later. I also need to form my LLC, which I will most likely also do with the lawyer, so that I can avoid any surprising mistakes I might make on the application. My trademarks would be filed under the LLC.

That's the latest news at katie james. The new website is pretty much ready to go (eek!), but I'm doing one more sweep through of copy, to make sure it's polished SEO-wise (search engine optimized, which means and the copy on it would rank well in Google etc.). Stay tuned!!