Wine in the Time of Websites

I'm finally home at 9:10pm after a very long day at the office of websites and being the by-default IT girl for the office. Wine is a good thing, and I have some Yellow Tail Chardonnay (luuve it) thanks to New York City Mouse who came over last night for some WB action and my home cooking. My website is coming along slowly but swimingly, and the dog treat pouch aka chow chow was officially made by the Sample Room, with hardware and everything, and now needs me to communicate my 6 little changes on it. Gerdy is patiently waiting to be taken outside on this lovely 50degree winter NY night, so that I can finally share with you some of the logjam of what is in my head to show you. Sadly, if I have to code one more link, I might collapse in a heap. But these are to cute not to share.

Favorite Singer Right Now:
(in fact, I will put her on while I type this, as my iPod ran out of batteries for the subway ride home)
Kate Rusby
So lovely, so folk, so English (I think), so sweet on the guitar. I'm just in love. David gave me the CD, The Girl Who Couldn't Fly for Christmas. With songs like "Game of All Fours," "The Lark," and "Elfin Knight," who wouldn't resist melting into the chardonayness of the wine as she sings her ballads?

Another Collager:
It's true. There is another fabulous collager person out there who does it all.

and even fonts!

And be sure to check out her photography prints!

Uh oh, that's all I can remember for now! Hopefully I will have a chic flic weekend which will involve the Family Stone and more wine! Oh, but I will say this: thank goodness for wheatgrass! I'm no longer totally wiped out! I can still function after today, make this post and take Gerdy on a walk without falling over onto the couch. I think that's a mark of good grass.

Until then.