Day Off

We've got the day off at my day job, which means I can finally take the time to blow dry my hair (what a difference it makes), paint my nails, and search online for some swivel hooks for the dog treat pouch. If I don't find it online, then I'll hoof it to the garment district, but I really don't want to, since hardly anyone speaks english, and the prices may not be as good...

I've got to get my budget together so that I can fit in a production run of the dog treat pouch, some jewelry pouches and checkbook covers, and the beginning of the legal process for my trademark of katie james. I finally found some good poly bags for the checkbook covers, and have a custom poly bag coming to me for the dog treat pouch (so that I can ship it in something presentable, other than their naked little selves).

My current favorite CD (Kate Rusby) is on and my new pineapple/ginger candle that David got me after my breakdown at work on Friday is burning (yes, I had a breakdown finally at work over the littlest thing). I'll let cha know if I find anything exciting!