The Perfect Skin (for now)

We entertain this procrastination of the Business Plan for Katie James to bring you my current recipe for glowing, healthy skin (not healthy looking skin, but the actual healthy skin). It all started the night I said bye bye to the bank account on that terrible, horrible, no-good Friday a couple weeks ago, and splurged on a brush and blush and foundation...I had the other products, but wasn't motivated to use them until I had something to actually wash off besides street dirt...

I'm loving the Freshface (liquid) Foundation. I lightly dab it on with a piece of Charmin or a pad thing from the drug store. It's very light and lovely. Truly feels like I'm not wearing it.

And for blush, to get that Sienna Miller look, I got "tropic of necter" and the fat, round brush #01 to brush it on largely, no thick strokes of color for me.


How do I maintain it? Yes, I have a system that is working so well right now, as long as I keep it up...

Here's the drill (it's kind of fun):
I start with dabbing the face with Clinique Take the Day Off, again with the Charmin b/c I ran out of cotton balls, which is a weird combination of oil and water, it looks like, because it's separated. Cool looking.

Followed by a quick scrub with the regular Oil of Olay bar soap

And if I'm in the mood, or having a slow night, I'll dab on the Fresh clay umbria treatment bar. Looooove it, as it leaves my face just clean and fresh! Not squeaky clean, just fresh clean. I let it dry and splash it off with coolish water. Yum.
(ps: did you know that Fresh is still independently owned? true)

Finishing with Oil of Olay Active Hydrating Cream.

The Oil of Olay cream makes me smell soo good and clean, that kissing David goodnight is even more of a delight! So, that's my happy face remedy these days. Enjoy!