Talk to the LLC

You heard me! Thanks to the great work of Quinn M Heraty Esq at Heraty Law, katie james is now an official LLC in New York! This means lots of things: if someone sues me, they can't sue me personally, they sue the LLC (but that won't happen); merchant account (bye bye paypal, hello quickbooks); reservation of 'katie james' as an llc so that no one else can take new york; EIN number for avoiding taxes on supplies, etc. Any lawyers in the group feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!

In other news, I'm behind on my fun fashion blogging. I have a great book review coming up, and lots of cute boutiques I've been stumbling upon. I want to design a new desktop art that makes organizing stray files on your desktop interesting. But for now, there is literally something growing in the bottom of my kitchen trash can and David came home with 12 tics after he scouted a location on top of a landfill for an Andrew/Elisabeth Shue soccer movie (David: 12 tics, Andrew: 9 tics), so stay tuned...

Favorite sites of late:
The Switchboards (super resource for small design businesses)
Junk in Our Trunk (um, they just started carrying katie james, and they have cute knit stuff)
Pretty Please Originals (really cute nap-time blanket for kids)
Beaded Things, specificallly their personalized beaded baby spoons featured on today's Scoop du Jour...I spent some birthday money on a pink/chocolate one...brilliant idea!