Production? Who Needs to Sew?

I went to my production guy the other day to pick up some jewelry bags. I'd been trying to reach him because he just wasn't working as late anymore, and I kept missing him. The shop would be closed at 6pm, and that never happened. His cell phone, which didn't have voicemail anyway, really didn't have voicemail now. It often disconnected before really trying. So I finally got him and he sent his wife over to open the shop to give me my bags at 4:45pm.

Open the shop? Yeah, that's right. Open the shop. I asked if they were sewing as much anymore. Her response? "Ritchie been so busy!" Yeah, I said, busy with what? "That restaurant! Ritchie open a restaurant!"

So my production has become a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn. Oy ve! I'm on the hunt for new stitchers. If anyone has any recommendations, please email me!

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