Holiday To Do List - Against the Clock

I'm determined to have a 'normal' Memorial Day weekend, which means I will not be excited to use Monday as a katie james work day. I will try to enjoy a day traveling somewhere in the car with David! Therefore, I've split the weekend in half: Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon for katie james, Sunday and Monday for holiday...

Step one: get back to writing down the to-do list. So here it is for the weekend, which will be divided. Friday night and Sat. morning is my biz. Then we holiday. Let's see how much I can do...

- Finally make kitty toy - with sequence - which includes visiting trimming store to buy more sequence (done)
- Make more pant protectors for girls on bikes to sell on site. Try making with a thinner band - which includes going to the trimming store to buy thinner band (bought the strap; still need to make more)
- Work on the business plan to get some $$$!
- Ship consignment products to Junk in Our Trunk (done, and included unaccounted for trip to the USPS which included cranky PO worders, and one was maybe drunk)
- Pull products to sell in Ohio art show (done)
- Design new free desktop art for June's mailing to mailing list
- Write book review for the blog for The Booster
- Change out spring clothes (totally unrelated to business, but very important)
- Create and send evite for birthday (done)

Unrealistic goals:
- If a good design of a kitty toy presents itself, make more, take pictures, upload to shopping cart

ok, go!

Unplanned activities that have occured so far:
- Breakfast
- Trip to the USPS when Click-N-Ship didn't work (goodby one hour of life)
- Trip to Starbucks with purchase of The Little Willies
- Clean the house! (inspired by new bottle of Comet that disolves soap scum)
- Sit outside in the sun with Gerdy

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