All Hail Cingular

Hooray for Cingular! Not only am I usually the only one to get good service while in the boondox of upstate NY, odd parts of OH, or the deserts of AZ, but I now worked out a nice deal with Cingular to help me on my apparently bad habit of going over my minutes.

My bill is normally $97 after taxes, etc., give or take. The past few months it slipped into the $100s, and this month, hit a record $244! Ouch! I called Cingular this morning and talked to a nice southern boy who reassured me that he could help. And he did. $96 of credit off the bad bill, and gave me roll over minutes for this month to see me through to my next billing cycle, which will be under a new billing plan of $10 more. In total, I will talk for free after 7pm weekdays, and free weekends for the $66.99 plan plus taxes, etc. Text messaging is in there as well.

What I did not know, but was not the killer to my bill, was that because I am a free agent (no contract), I did not have free mobile to mobile for Cingular (Kelly W. take note). I plan on upgrading to the Nokia 9300, which has the keyboard and is good for Internet. But I'm going to wait until I sign the two years to get about $150 off the phone. At that point, I'll get my free mobile to mobile.

And I really do have fewer dropped calls. If I drop, 9 times out of 10 it's the other person's phone carrier. Ahem. Verizon?

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