It's A Dog Day Easter!

Finally, coming up with the crocuses, are the chow chows! The first style of the katie james dog treat bag is finally done right in time for easter! And NYC Unleashed on 84th and Amsterdam has already bought some, so buy them there if you are in the neighborhood! Or, get them on the store!

I found some delicious faux snakeskin pleather in lemon and lined them in powder pink and lilac pleather (FashionMista insiders can know that both the faux snakeskin and powder pink are Prada fabrics). This style is limited! I gobbled up all of the fabric, and once it's gone, there's no reordering! For the tamer of the bunch, there is a nice brown made of the softest of pleathers lined in the powder pink, and a black and purple. The black is a bit more rugged. Good for guys. And remember, the pleather is for a cleaner dog treat bag so that crumbs don't get stuck into the traditional nylon or canvas used in other bags.

As for poop bags, I just got the cutest one from a TX store called Fetch LLC. It's a poop bag dispenser that is pink, in the shape of bone, and can clip right onto the chow chow. David wore it all this morning when I bribed him to take Gerdy out. ;)