Clear Shoe Boxes Make Great Storage

Getting sleepy here the night before the Henri Bendel Open See as I cut ribbon to make hang tags, but I wanted to show you how I'm using a uniquely designed clear shoe box that was sent to me by the Shoe Nazi at Clear Shoe Boxes (she calls herself Shoe Lover, but can be very brutal if anyone misuses or lets shoes get dusty). One day, the Shoe Nazi/Lover came across the mess of my shoes as shown on this blog, and delivered some clear shoe boxes to me to fix my problem. Oddly, that same week, I found stackable racks that my shoes fit quite snuggly on. When the shoe boxes arrived, I discovered that they were in fact too wide for my absolutely tiny closet, and bashfully did not use them.

Then I discovered that they had another purpose: to hold inventory. They now hold all katie james products, and what I like best about them is that they easily open from both ends, so that I can grab a style without digging through another style to get to the 'back' of the box, which isn't a back at all. Plus, they are reasonbly priced, and you can buy them online. So go forth and get organized.