The Order

I've given the order to launch the site. For the event, I'm wearing a katie james original and am eagerly checking my email for my final invoice from my programmer, that will be the final 10% stretch, plus my first monthly hosting payment. I'm leaving my original host for katie james, who I'm paying $24.95, which is much too much, but they include Urchin statistics in their hosting package, which are very inclusive and easy to analyze. Now that Google bought Urchin, however, Google is giving Urchin away for free (ching!) and I'm free to leave this nice hosting company in Canada, who's two customer support people know me by the sound of my voice, but are just too expensive. My new hosting company will cost something like $6.95, and that's more like it.

The "chow chows" are still in production. My production guy, Richie, is being bullied by another company, so my order got pushed. But that's ok, because the site isn't live yet anyway, and it gives me more time to order poly bags (which, by the way, came in for the checkbook covers and fit like a kid glove!) A bunch of jewelry pouches and checkbook covers should be arriving in Sanibel Island, FL today to be part of an art show that my mom's friend is hosting. Fingers crossed that people buy katie james!

And then, pedicures!