Slam the Ex-Boyfriend

Attention Please!

On Monday evening, FashionMista will be at the New Jersey Nets game with my good girlfriend, the sexiest dental resident in Manhattan. I am taking the place of her now very ex-boyfriend, James, who turned out to be a real piece of work (my girlfriend actually calls him "a real piece of asshole"), and who may or may not be watching the game. My good friend purchased the tickets as a birthday present for the now ex-boyfriend, and had also purchased a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!" to light up on the scoreboard. Even though they've broken up, and James won't be at the game, she could not get her money back on the birthday wish, so she must endure it. There is a chance they will point the camera on us and show our faces on the big screen. If that happens, we want to wave a sign that tells the world that James is not at the game.

Can you think of a good message? I'm thinking of "James was kicked to the curb. Happy Birthday to someone else!"

Meanwhile, if you want a great rant on men, check out How to Spot a Bastard By His Star Sign. It is a great, short book to open up and check out an essay for each sign written by two British women in an unabashed style.

Get the results of this escapade here!