Wheatgrass from Petco

I just bought some wheatgrass for the house - at the pet store. I totally fell for it when it said it was good for dogs and cats, so sprinkled it in their wet food. Yesterday, my co-worker and I went to Whole Foods and treated ourselves to 1oz shots of super green wheatgrass. I was expecting a boost of fresh energy, but I mainly noticed how my chest and nose cleared up! It was amazing! I knew nothing about the benefits of wheatgrass, except that my co-worker swears by it, so there is no placebo happening for this wheatgrass eater.

Because I don't have a crusher thing, I'm sitting here chewing on it. After about 3 minutes, my nose cleared up again! Then I read it was good for sinus infections. Amazing. The chlorophyll in it has the most benefits, it seems.

Yup, just checked my chest breathing, and am much clearer than earlier today. It's as if I took a puffer (inhaler). I am totally going to a. get a wheatgrass juicer and b. chew on wheatgrass in my spare time. Read this great article on the benefits of wheatgrass.

Here you see how the wheatgrass will now go hand in hand with my morning lattes, which I'm limiting because caffine just does too many funny things to me to balance the perks. Starbucks should totally sell shots of wheatgrass to go hand in hand with that cup of coffee. What a combo.