Kinda Heart Beauty and the Geek

I can't lie! Just finished One Tree Hill while reading a quote for a new katie james design from a new pattern maker, and I must say, I kinda died when Tyson did the Rubik’s Cube behind his back! Who can do that? Well, not very many people, which is why he holds the world's record. My engineer (aka coder/developer/web magician) for my website at my day job will be very disappointed, but I can’t help myself.

Britney, the little tanning salon administrator, is the most like Amelia Bedelia. I like her. Although I do know my East, West, North and South, while she has a problem with that. Although, when in Cleveland, I'm pretty much lost. Which is sad. But it's also why I moved to New York...because everything is broken down into grids, except the lower east side, which is very crisscrossed, which is why I don't live down there.