Glory Days and Chocolate Milk

Whenever I settle in to sip a mug of cold chocolate milk, I always drink it from the special David mug. The mug where David's old roommate so thoughtfully imprinted onto porcelain David's perm. Yes, you read that right. Perm. It was almost the clincher to our young relationship, when I found out that he'd had not one, but several perms:

Me: So, did you like, spray the curl stuff on it? I totally remember what that smells like.
David: Well...sometimes they made it curlier than others.

Sometimes?? I called my sister right away to get permission to continue dating him. Granted, his glory days started in the 80s, and he had three sisters 'pushing' him into these decisions. But isn't he cute? Look at the bangs! hehe.

(Mom, don't freak out about cyber stalkers. He looks totally different now. Much less hair.)