Christmas Comes Early!!

David and I just had our Christmas tonight. He cooked the biggest stakes ever, and I made my couscous and veggies. Yum.

Onto the presents! Yes, I got David an iPod video. Very exciting. Very black and very sleek. David's a little afraid of it since it's a new toy he has to learn, but I think he's going to catch on in no time. I got him two accessories (iTalk for voice memo recording and iTrip for the car or any FM radio), but we found out that the accessories don't fit the super new iPod! So I got to keep them for my ghetto old iPod. This means I can easily make random podcasts! Here's my first one. Watch out. I talk a little too close to the mike, so there is some clicking. But you know what this means. More Gladys, and new recordings of my crazy neighbor so you can finally believe me!

We opened to a lovely new CD of Kate Rusby called The Girl Who Couldn't Fly. Really lovely. David got me an also lovely, soft and stretchy corderoy jacket with a ruffle at the bottom from Anthropology, more specifically Louie, who's fabric tags, talking about how the fabric is designed to fade, I really like. David also outfitted me with elbow-knee-wrist pads for the roller-blades I got last year for my birthday. We forgot that I don't know how to stop, so going rollerblading together hasn't happened much without me pitching a fit in frustration. Oh, and David got us matching helmets.

All in all, a very filling Christmas. Dinah played with balls of crumpled Christmas paper and then panted and fell over with the sudden rush of new excitement. We drive to Ohio tomorrow, so wish us luck that we don't get stopped behind another tractor/trailor pile-up on I80.

Happy Holidays!!