Between Holidays

Hi all. I've been waiting for true, quiet downtime to update the blog with links and pictures of christmas gifts (pictures using what, you might ask, since my digital camera crapped out...?...yes, my sweet brother researched the heck out of Canon PowerShots and rode his bike from Brooklyn into Manhattan during the transit strike while he was sick to pick up the wonderful Canon PowerShot A610 for it's superb color capture abilities, little flip screen for taking crazy angle shots, and cool manipulation features so I can get true color on fabrics), but of course, I have not had down time like I fantasized about.

What I have done, however, is developed a new and healthy addiction to Sudoku (thanks to the free and convenient one in AM New York)! My first day of it, I scored a 36%. Then last night, David cooked meat spaghetti and I sat on the couch to complete the puzzle, and today I got a 76%! I was supposed to complete a sketch of the dog treat pouch (chow chow) in order to give it to a hopeful pattern maker to add little details, but that will have to happen today after work. Last night, in-between Sudoku indulgences on the subway and before I made it home, I stopped at the fabric store to get tons of vinyl swatches of the prettiest colors for the pouch. I can't wait for the finished product!

Which brings us to the web site...which is ready for the next phase of major overhaul. I have lots of copy to add to it and a few more designs to create. Plus, I hope to launch it with the addition of the new dog treat pouch and a key chain that you have not seen yet, but you wear it on the wrist in the fashion of an oversized shirt cuff, or a "key cuff."

So, that's the news from Lake Wobegon for now!

PS: I'll forget the fact that I just provided you with a link to Sudoku online. That could be very dangerous, and I'll stick to the one in the morning paper.