GLOVES! (this is only the beginning)

I've decided this year to have many pairs of cute gloves (versus the blank leather ones I use, or other knitted gloves that turn into dirty walk-the-dog gloves). If not many, than 5. The first pair are these, from Urban Oufitters! An innocent lunch outing turned into quick Christmas shopping and a little indulgence on my cold hands...

Now I can look like a starving, scrappy person who instead of reading a book by trash can fire, or writing down poems in a journal that's binding is falling off by candlelight, I am typing on titanium. (between you and me, it's a little hard to keep this up because the fingers are a bit thick, causing my fingers to separate and miss very imporant letters on the keyboard.

New York City Mouse of Country Mice in the City could have knitted them for me, but she has grander things to create, like dresses. Besides, what I really want from her are leg warmers.

Other cute gloves at Urban Outfitters that I wanted:

I'd better stop here. This could go on an on and I need to test these gloves out by walking Gerdy. Plus, I've got to walk her before One Tree Hill comes on. Ok, I just outed myself. I'm a religious One Tree Hill watcher. I will ignore David when he comes home if he tries talking to me while it's on. It is very sad, but this is the way it is.