Oatmeal Pancakes - Dismal Failure

It's sad, really. My dad can make really good, big oatmeal pancakes, and I thought I could just whip together milk, oatmeal, egg, vanilla and some baking powder to have the perfect, hearty, oatmeal pancake. But I was wrong. Oh so, so wrong.

Round 1:
It was supposed to be a pancake, but it was basically a sunny-side-up-oatmeal surprise.

Round 2:
I added flour. Not much difference, excpet that they at least flip as whole pancakes.

My intensions are good. These are dinner (followed by broccoli for the brain as a separate, totally unrelated dish). The pancakes have organic blueberries and bananas in them. And oatmeal! So if anyone knows a recipe...or else I'll have to make some phone calls to my dad the baker...

(you know, after eating them, they're not bad...they're quite ugly, but not bad tasting...and good for me, too.)