Katie James in Liberty House!

After a lovely Sunday lunching with NYCM at the Republic and milkshaking with my crazy dentist friend at Chat 'n Chew, I remembered I had to hit a goal of visiting the Liberty House on W. 112 and Broadway to see if they'd like to carry some jewelry pouches and checkbook covers...and they did! I hurried up Broadway with my bag of samples and met with an owner, who, in addition to buying some jewelry pouches and checkbook covers, nicely offered to show the jewerly pouches to a rep for a jewelry designer who is always looking for cute gifts to sell along with her jewelry.

About the Liberty House:
"The original Liberty House opened on in 1968 as a non-profit store selling items made by craft cooperatives throughout the country. Today we sell beautiful, moderately priced clothing with an emphasis on natural fibers, jewelry made by artisans representing many cultures, a line of craft items and small home furnishings, as well as clothing and toys for children."