Save A Gerdy

Ok, I just donated to save a Gerdy. I chose the International Fund for Animal Welfare. I gave $25 even though I'm at the end of my money line (must also sneak in a little present of a picture frame for David and have my day of beauty at the hair salon).

My biggest fear with Gerdy is, aside from her being 'saved' by a casual person in the Central Park when she's off leash and I'm not looking, is that when I have to go out of town without her, that the buiding will catch on fire and she and Dinah will be stuck, but hopefully get out at least. Gerdy would take up with a neighbor in a second, but at any rate, that is my biggest fear. I would hope that someone is able to rescue her and dogs like her - and reunite us! - in case of emergency.

Shit. I just realized that I now have to get her chipped. I didn't want to, as it's too freaky. I figured if someone picked her up in the park, they would not think to get her 'scanned' at a vet. But, if in an emergency like this, if my name was on the chip (not sure that it is) with phone number or SOMEthing, that that would help.

So go donate before I grab an emotional picture off IFWA's site.

Too late.