Inventory, Inventory, and Boots

Inventory! Went to the manufacturer today to see a sample jewelry pouch (I want to add a soft lining to make the whole thing squishier and softer), but there was something about his boiler, and something about a fuse breaking, and finally something about a man not coming. So I didn't get my sample, and my order is delayed a day. Ack!

So I started home, and bought some boots. Well, I really went to the glasses store so that they could adjust my new glasses (my favorite pair, the Baby Phats, were making me cross eyed), where the 'doctor' guy/kid behind the counter actually asked me what I would like done to adjust them. Isn't that his job? Again, cool glasses at Cohen's Fashion Optical, lousy service and lousy prices (the kid I think twitched when I insisted that I was seeing cross-eyed, and that the frames needed adjusting, not my eyes adjusting to the perscription). But anyway, it was a grey Monday today, and I needed a pair of black shoes this morning when I put on my black outfit and new black choker I made this weekend to match the day, when what did I stumble upon in my newly adjusted glasses, but a SALE at Bati on boots. So I went in, and I came out with two big bags. Of boots that were on sale, which I kind of am really hearting! I'm going to take the advice of my old roommate and keep them in their boxes, so they can spare the jungle of my closet!

It's amazing that I can lay down cash for boots, but not for inventory! It must be that I know what I'm going to do with the boots, where as I don't know what I'm going to do with the inventory. Will it sell? Who the hell knows. There. Boots justified. Coming home was a wrangle as I first went to the wrong side to get on the Uptown train, had to battle men in business suites coming through the turn style with all the force of my shopping bags (I plowed 'em), and lept onto the train. I shared the elevator home with a neighbor, and she couldn't believe how hot I was on this 70ish and drizzly evening.