Focus Group: dog treat pouch

Ok, team. Katie James Dog needs your help in deciding on a name for the dog treat pouch. Several names have been tossed around. I won't bias you, but I have my favorite. I need your help in this, so if I get no comments, I will be very depressed. Commonly known on this blog as the "dog treat pouch" made of vinyl that attaches onto your belt loop or comes with a cute tie is revolutionizing fanny packs and 'feed bags' as we know them. It is intended to hold messy cookies of all kinds: chicken, hotdogs, turkey, roasted/baked liver strips, etc. This adorable pouch needs a name, and I'd like to know your thoughts. Or if you have a brainstorm, don't hold back.

The choices:
the chow chow
the feed bag
the dog treat pouch
the bait bag

The Pictures:

Me wearing it plus the 'pocket purse' that holds people stuff: