David Said That I'm a Nerd

Still on my high from my roll of fabric, I slipped on my dog treat pouch and pocket purse. And as you all know, ;) they slip on via Velcro to your belt loops. I usually have to tight a sash and attach them to the sash to keep then on, so I was excited to just loop then right onto my skirt belt loops. And I felt really together: one pouch for dog treats and poop bag, and the other for my crap.

As I put one on either hip, I pretended to draw fire as if in a gun fight. David doesn't think they are 'decorative' enough, and so is a little opposed to them, I think. So what did he do? He said, as I hyperactively played: "Your kids are going to think you are such a nerd. You are going to be that nerd mom."

Woa! Ok, apart from the weird comment involving kids, let's look at this statement! I am a nerd! And I will revolutionize the fanny pack with my pouches, just you wait! Then even you will want them! They are cute, I promise, and there are lots of nerdy colors.