Bloggin From Akron!

Good old Akron, OH. Leave it to the Akron Airport to not have a Starbucks, and only one food station (which is new), and now two sets of bathrooms, and one unprotected wireless access! This is exciting. David and I are in the airport waiting for my mom to pick us up. Already saw one Clevelander on the plane who's also taking advantages of the low fares out of Akron.

As many of you don't know, I do a lot of waiting at this airport. Usually it's for a ride home, but the first time it was on 9/11/01 when I had a one way ticket to move to New York City with a two week cat sitting job and no apartment. I didn't go, obviously, as the attack occurred moments after I arrived at the airport. I didn't come until the following February 15th (and moved right next door to David...only 1.5 years later would he confess his feelings to me in our elevator...).

David says hi to Bloggerville. He's reading the Akron Summit to see what neat things there are to do here. So far there are only maps and things about golf.